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Non-Destructive Digging & Hydro Excavation Specialists

Apex Vac Solutions Tas are Tasmania’s experts in hydro excavation

Apex Vac Solutions is a Tasmanian-owned complete service provider, offering hydro excavation including potholing, trenching, debris removal and exposing utilities across the state, supported by our newly-launched in-house traffic management division.

Specialising in Non-Destructive Digging, our mission is to provide high quality, efficient and safe hydro excavation services to our customers using the latest technology to support our rapidly expanding customer base.

Road and rail
Apex will meet the needs of the road and rail sector for Non-Destructive digging, potholing, trenching, waste removal and more.
Apex is the one stop shop for service locating, NDD, potholing and more to support your Construction projects from start to finish.
Tunnelling and drilling
We have a wide range of capabilities Tunnelling and Drilling projects, including removing contaminated liquid and soil.
Oil and gas
Apex can manage a range of waste types & by-products created by oil & gas activities to get our customers up and running as soon as possible.
We provide the mining industry with safe, efficient & sustainable environmental management solutions without the hassle.
We adhere strictly to waste elimination regulatory guidelines whilst providing cost-effective and timely solutions to our clients.
Our Contributions

Recent projects we have worked

New Norfolk Cable Installation Support

Channel Highway Utilities Exposure

66 Burnett St Sewer Pipeline Upgrade – ongoing

Brand Values


We respect our environment and use our resources responsibly and sparingly. We strive to be an example to others of how to limit our carbon footprint.

We enrich our industry by recruiting and training the next generation of Civil workers to respect the land we work on and to perform their roles to an exacting standard without exception. We act with absolute fairness in all our dealings.
We hire based on skill and a willingness to learn and excel without prejudice or favour toward any group or ethnicity.

Need help with hydro excavation? We are experts! ​

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